Song of the Month

This time we’re going for something a little different.

I enjoy most types of music, except country. Sorry fans of country, I just can’t do it.

So this month the song of the month is……

Toto- Africa

This song is a classic, an awesome song that has been sampled in more than 10 contemporary songs by artists such as JoJo, Nas, Xzibit, and Ja Rule.

So here’s the original, the one and only, Africa by Toto.



Song of the Month

And the song of the month/week is…….

Make Some Noise- Beastie Boys

Yes I do realise that rhymes.

I am a long time fan of the Beastie Boys and their latest album is no exception. Do not dismiss it because it’s new stuff. Not only is it a great song with a great beat but in true Beastie Boys style, the video clip is hilarious! Ch ch ch check it out…(Beastie Boys humour)