365 Day Photography Challenge- Day 18- Not one for the ages

I got stung by a wasp today. That’s right, I was going for my daily run and out came a pack of wasps to sting me in the side of the head. Awesome. It hurts to say the least.

I spent the morning helping my partner clean, not my favourite thing to do. I then went to the shops where I undoubtedly always run into kids from school and there they were. It’s like one minute you’re happily looking at the fry pans, the next minute the dreaded “Miss Haigh! It’s Miss Haigh! Hi Miss Hi!” where my response is always to smile politely and say “Hey guys, how you going?” Then need to suddenly walk in the other direction. Ah the woes of being a teacher.

Today’s picture is of a panel in my front door as the sun was coming down on this not so great day. Still haven’t completed any school work, said I’d go in tomorrow, not going too. Next week I will, need to clean my desk. Must.

Hope all is right with your world.


365 Day Photography Challenge- Day 16- All Good


Today was a sad day. Jayson and I went to our friend Brianna’s grandfather’s funeral. Brianna is still in Europe and we thought it would be good to go, especially since she couldn’t be there, to pay our respects to her family. I’ve been friends with Brianna for 10 years and am close to her family, in particular her little sister, Jordanna. When my mum passed away in February last year, Brianna and her family were there for me. Her mum came to the funeral, as did Brianna of course, and told me that her home was always open for me. I felt it only right to return the respect and support I have felt from their family for the last year 10 years.

I knew Brianna’s grandfather Ron, only a little, from a few visits to the grandparents home. He was quiet, but fiercely funny and always seemed self assured. Her grandmother always made me feel at home and always wanted to feed me, like all good grandparents. It really was a beautiful service, I know people always say that, but it’s entirely true in today’s case.

I thought I’d share a photo of my healthy dinner to “lighten” the day for myself. Garlic and lemon barramundi and steamed veges. Not quite as good as the flathead I cooked last night but fair none the less. The healthy regime continues as I did 3.6 kms today, my longest yet!

Hope you enjoyed your day.

365 Day Photography Challenge- Day 13- My Favourite Time of Day


Today was a good day. I’ve been running every day lately and eating really well so I’ve been generally feeling much better. I decided to capture a moment when I felt at peace. The late afternoon/early evening is my favourite part of the day and today was no exception. This was taken from outside my house.

Tomorrow I’ll be catching up with some friends I met when I was in Europe this time last year. I’m looking forward to it. There’s a certain connection you can’t break when you’ve traveled Europe together in the blistering cold for 4 weeks.

Until then, enjoy my moment of peace.

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