365 Day Photography Challenge- Day 8- An Accomplishment

Today’s post will be a short one as I have already blogged about this book, but today, I finished it! It has a profound impact on me, in a way that books don’t normally for me. There is a particular event in this novel that really shook me, to the point where I had to message a friend who knew about it, at 1am, just to feel ok again, or even just to share in the shock of this event. It was a great read and highly unpredictable, which is rare I think for love stories these days. It reminds me of one of my favourite films in a lot of ways, 500 days of Summer.

Anyway I shall now watch the film version to see if they absolutely killed the story. I hope not.


365 Day Photography Challenge- Day 5- Reading for Fun?

Reading has become a chore for me, it’s part of my job and gone have the days of reading for pleasure, or at least I thought so. The past few days have been chill out days for me and I have begun to read again, a book I’ve been recommended and am a little ashamed to say I love. I’ve read many books in the last 7 years that I’ve been at Uni and started teaching, but not a lot of those books have been read for pure pleasure, albeit some have turned out to be very pleasurable to read, others not so much.

One Day by David Nicholls is this particular book featured in my Day 5 Photograph. I know I know, shake your heads in disappointment. Me? Reading a romance? Me? Lover of all things American Literature related, all things tragic, or all things from the “road” genre. Give me a Kerouac over Austen any day, but my friends, let me tell you, One Day is not your average romance, plus it’s highly relatable for me as one of the main characters Emma. She is a struggling, poor, English teacher with an ass for a best friend named Dex, I too have an ass for a best friend, not named Dex, but he will admit he is an ass. He even texted me the other day and said

“Sarah! Have you seen the movie One Day? It’s us.”

To which I replied, “No I haven’t, I’m reading the book, and I’m pretty sure I was the one that told you it was us.”

Anyway, here’s to lazy days reading novels for fun!

What is your guilty pleasure novel that you’re too ashamed to admit to loving?