365 Day Photography Challenge- Day 25- A Wet One

Drowned rat today. We went for our run in the rain and this wasn’t even half way through and Rambo is soaked. You can only imagine what I looked like. I just feel like if you start making excuses “Oh I can’t go running today it’s raining”, “it’s too hot”, they’ll just keep coming and then you’ll never commit so off we went. Still did 5.2kms in the pouring rain.

Tomorrow is my last day of freedom and it’s nice to say I finished my year 7 unit for term one and I’ve started rewriting my year 9 unit. The worst part about going back to school is sleeping on my own in my own bed again. I hate that more than anything, oh and the getting up at 6 am every day. Ah the life of a teacher, who calls us bludgers? 9-3 job did you say? I wish.