365 Day Photography Challenge- Day 14- Catchups

Today I had lunch in Parramatta with friends I met when I was traveling around Europe. From left it’s Ange, Jeanette, Jet and Natasa. I traveled through 10 countries in 4 weeks with these guys and I can truly say, they made the trip what it was for me!

I suffer from quite high anxiety, especially during periods of change and without the 4 women in this photo, I would not have had the amazing experience that I did and overcome my anxiety. So many memories and so many laughs with this lot. I couldn’t have asked for a better group to share such incredible experiences with. I love catching up with them and remembered all the hilarious and awesome things we did together.

I have formed a bond with these guys that will never be broken. We haven’t seen each other, in almost year and yet it feels like we were just together eating lunch in Venice, or Prague, or Lucerne together. I am very grateful for travel buddies and friends like these guys.


365 Day Photography Challenge- Day 12- Good Times With Good People

I apologise for this post being a day late but I got home late last night and could not post. Yesterday I had dinner with a good friend. The kind of friend that I know I could never replace. I can truly say I don’t know anyone else like her.

Jane and I have known each other in one way or another since we were 12. I met her through a friend when we had just started high school and as we’ve grown up, we discovered we have more and more in common. It was a good time, the sort of night you don’t want to end because it’s just nice talking and laughing and catching up.

As we get older I think it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain those close friendships with people who you don’t see everyday, it’s comforting to know some relationships can last, no matter what the circumstances.