365 Day Photography Challenge- Day 10- Reptiles and the like

Today I headed home from Newcastle. My partner who accompanied me had never been to Newcastle and on the trip home we decided to stop in at the Australian Reptile Park near Gosford. It was the best decision we could’ve made. We had an awesome time taking photos of all the animals and just generally being excited to be “traveling”.

I’ve always really loved frogs. I used to scoop them out of my pool when I was little and they would be just floating around in there. I’d keep them with me on the grass for the day then let them run free, hoping to find them hanging out in the pool again the next day. I am especially fond of green tree frogs as they just seem so chilled out to me.

Today’s photo was a hard decision as there were so many to choose from but we settled on this one because the guy in focus is just having a nice chill session on his log with some friends.

Enjoy fellow frog lovers!


365 Day Photography Challenge- Day 9- Newcastle


I have a trip to Newcastle for two days to stay with an old friend of mine Emma. I met Emma when I started teaching at Erskine Park and she helped me through some very tough times in that first year ad basically convinced me not to quit teaching.

Emma has recently had a baby girl Matilda, so this trip has allowed me to see an old friend and meet a new one. It has been a long time between visits and it’s always a relaxing stay.

The photography for today is of Emma’s amazing book case built around her door way. All those book fanatics, enjoy!