365 Day Photography Challenge- Day 28


Sorry for the delay of this post but not a lot happened yesterday. After my first day back at school on Friday I was exhausted. I slept in, watched some DVDs with my partner and went for a run to the shop to get groceries.

It wasn’t a bad day just a slow one. Today I have to return to the world of my family and house. I need to get some school work done as the kids come back tomorrow.

Hope you had a nice relaxing Saturday too.

I’ll post later with today’s picture.


365 Day Photography Challenge- Day 2- Old Friends


Today was spent with two of my oldest friends Jen and Audrey and my little one, Audrey’s daughter Arabella. We had lunch at the Sydney Fish Markets. I met Jen on my first day of year 7, 13 years ago. I asked if I could sit with her in Science and she said yes. We have been friends ever since. Audrey and I met later that year, and I must say, it was a much rockier beginning to our friendship, but we managed to get it sorted and the three of us have remained close friends throughout the changes in all of our lives.

I appreciate good friends, and old friends, it’s important to keep close those who know who you are now, and who you used to be.