Not all days

Some days I really hate my job.

If you haven’t read further back, I’m a high school teacher. I teach English at a school in the western suburbs of Sydney. It’s my second year of teaching. Last year I was going to quit.

Now last year is a different story. I had the head teacher from hell who for some reason decided she hated me and wanted to make my first year of teaching as hard as possible, enter the three bottom year 8 classes, the bottom year 9 class, and one year 10 class. For a first year out teacher that’s not the easiest load ever. I struggled through trying to survive my first year out.

This year however, I am at a new school and have really been enjoying my job, to the point where I love going to work and remember why I wanted to do this in the first place. I’ve been teaching year 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 this year and have loved doing so.

But like any other job not every day is fun.

Today, last period, year 9. There are 8 weeks to go in the term and they seem to think that means it’s time to be crazy. I got angry, very angry. I’m not a strict teacher but I do expect respect from my students and usually get it, year 9 were not giving me this respect.

I have only ever lost my temper once as a teacher and it is not something I want to do. You lose the student’s respect when you cannot control your emotions in the classroom. Pushing me to breaking point, I had to take some time to breathe and calm down before I lost control of myself.

I asked my class to pack up 10 minutes early. I had to keep asking them until they finally decided they were going to do it. I sat quietly, trying to calm down before speaking to them. DJ, one of my good students was telling the others, “Can’t you see how angry Miss is? Why can’t you just be normal?!”.

I kept waiting.

Finally it was my turn to talk. I told them that they needed to get their act together otherwise they could stay out of my classroom.

The point is, sometimes I have a really hard job. Sometimes it’s really fun, but sometimes I just can’t handle it. Dealing with teenagers all day can really take it’s toll, especially when they choose not to listen to you or respect you.

As DJ, Josie, and Danilo walked out they apologised, even though they weren’t the problems, but they still felt that was all they could do at that point.

Sometimes I adore my students, sometimes I can’t stand them.