365 Day Photography Challenge- Day 25- A Wet One

Drowned rat today. We went for our run in the rain and this wasn’t even half way through and Rambo is soaked. You can only imagine what I looked like. I just feel like if you start making excuses “Oh I can’t go running today it’s raining”, “it’s too hot”, they’ll just keep coming and then you’ll never commit so off we went. Still did 5.2kms in the pouring rain.

Tomorrow is my last day of freedom and it’s nice to say I finished my year 7 unit for term one and I’ve started rewriting my year 9 unit. The worst part about going back to school is sleeping on my own in my own bed again. I hate that more than anything, oh and the getting up at 6 am every day. Ah the life of a teacher, who calls us bludgers? 9-3 job did you say? I wish.


365 Day Photography Challenge- Day 23- A Good Routine

Rambo and I have started to get into a good routine of running every day. It’s been two weeks now and we’ve done 13 runs. Our routine consists of me returning home from my partner’s house, having lunch, doing some school work, going for our run, doing more school work, cooking dinner, doing more school work (and watching the tennis) and then back to my partner’s house.

Routines help me to manage my anxiety so I have been feeling quite good lately. Knowing that I have to go back to school on Friday has really motivated me to get these units done so my start to the year is as stress free as possible and also it means I’ll have more time to continue my running. This was taken of Rambo while he was recovering this afternoon. Rambo did 5kms today, I did 6.5, I tried to get Rambo to go further but he pulled and pulled on the leash until I let him turn back and dropped him off. He’s getting there though, he use to get tired after 2kms. It’s good to know I’m helping him get back to his fit little self too.

How is your routine going?

365 Day Photography Challenge- Day 22- 5kms

Today was a good day. My longest workout yet. 5kms. It was a beautiful day to be doing it and even though it is warm, there is an amazing breeze which hit Rambo and I just as we were on the track home. Rambo is dying right now from exhaustion but I feel good and proud. I am very lucky to have the area I do right near my house to run and exercise.

You can sort of see a guy flying a kite in the distance. Just after I took this photo I ran into a grandmother and her granddaughter who was tiny! She came stumbling over to Rambo who obediently lay down for her to pat him. It was a nice run and Rambo will sleep well tonight.

Just taking a break from school work. Back to it!

365 Day Photography Challenge- Day 19- My Loyal Pup

Today was a low key day. I went to tutoring. I enjoy tutoring sometimes. Mostly when in the holidays because it’s a bit much when you teach all day then head to one-on-one teaching.

I came home by 5:30pm and took Rambo for a run. He is a loyal pup. He sits at my feet or on my lap or on the arm of the lounge I sit in whenever I am home. He really just loves being near people. He does get me thinking though, I am moving out of home in June this year and I am yet to tell my dad. The worst part is that I have to tell him I’m taking Rambo with me. He seems to think I won’t be, or that he can keep him, when he is in fact my dog. He needs to be walked every day and Dad can’t/won’t do that. I was always going to take him with me when I move out, but it is tough taking him away from Dad. I guess I will have to tell him eventually. Wish me luck.

365 Day Photography Challenge- Day 7- Quality Time with the Puppy

When I’m at school it’s very hard to find quality time to spend with my puppy Rambo. He isn’t even two yet and I got him after my first dog, Sally, had to be put down at the age of 18. For a few months after we lost Sally, I felt empty. I had always had a dog. My family had adopted Sally from the RSPCA when I was only six years old and so we had grown up together, I barely remembered a life without her.

The months went by and I finally convinced my mum that we should get another dog. I adopted Rambo from the RSPCA in December of 2009 and he has been part of the family ever since. My mum loved him, my dad loves him, he is one of us. Throughout this year, after the loss of my mum, Rambo has become even more important to all of us. At times when we thought we would never smile again, Rambo was there, doing something crazy, making us laugh.

Today Rambo and I went for a walk/run and then he sat on my lap, all afternoon, in the air conditioning. I love Rambo and I am very grateful for all that he has done for my family and I this year.

365 Day Photography Challenge- Day 4- Trashy T.V and Air Conditioning

With a temperature of 35 degrees (95 degrees fahrenheit for the U.S readers), today was a day to stay indoors, in air conditioning, watching trashy t.v. Mel and I’s choice? Toddlers in Tiaras. I have never actually watched an episode of this show before, but Mel has seen it, and I must say I was shocked, and weirded out, as well as a little confused as I do not understand the jargon that comes with the world of kiddy pageants.

As you can see from the image, it was a Western themed pageant today, wow. I don’t know what else to say, except that my favourite quote from the advertisement for this show is a lady who is talking about how high the girls hair can be in these things and she says “The higher your hair, the closer you are to God, I call it Jackin’ it to Jesus.” That is possibly the most hilarious quote ever and it is whipped out anytime these shows come on.

You can also see how unimpressed my dog happens to be with the current heat in Sydney. Rambo does not do well with heat, and that’s him chillin’ out under the air conditioner. Oh and we still have our Christmas decorations up, yep, it’s how we roll.

How did you spend day 4? Were you dying of heat exhaustion too?

As a side note, it does get much hotter here where I live, but we haven’t had much of a summer yet so the 35 degrees today was quite a shock to the system, especially since this time last year, I was in -17 degrees in Germany, not use to the Aussie summer.