365 Day Photography Challenge- Day 19- My Loyal Pup

Today was a low key day. I went to tutoring. I enjoy tutoring sometimes. Mostly when in the holidays because it’s a bit much when you teach all day then head to one-on-one teaching.

I came home by 5:30pm and took Rambo for a run. He is a loyal pup. He sits at my feet or on my lap or on the arm of the lounge I sit in whenever I am home. He really just loves being near people. He does get me thinking though, I am moving out of home in June this year and I am yet to tell my dad. The worst part is that I have to tell him I’m taking Rambo with me. He seems to think I won’t be, or that he can keep him, when he is in fact my dog. He needs to be walked every day and Dad can’t/won’t do that. I was always going to take him with me when I move out, but it is tough taking him away from Dad. I guess I will have to tell him eventually. Wish me luck.


365 Day Photography Challenge- Day 11- Take Me Out to the Ball Game


I’ve always loved baseball, ever since I was a little kid. My dad goes for the Toronto Blue Jays and I follow the New York Yankees. I’ve followed the Yankees since I was 6 years old.

Something I remember from when I was young is going to the baseball with my family. We use to go to Parramatta Stadium to watch the Sydney Blues. We all went. It use to be packed every game. After the Blues they became Sydney Storm and after that the ABL went bankrupt and there was no baseball but I continued to play softball and watch the Yankees.

Now, they’re the Sydney Blue Sox and the ABL is owned by the American MLB. People don’t come and it’s sad. I’d hate to see it close down again. For now though I still go to the games with my dad, it’s no longer a family event but it’s still a love we share.