Saturday Night

So last night my friends and I went out for dinner at Thaitanic (I know, isn’t it almost the best name for a Thai restaurant you’ve ever heard?..almost because the best name is Jayson’s Shirt and Thai). Thaitanic is in Newtown on King St and is an awesome little Thai place which is cheap, have great food, and large servings, I highly recommend it.¬† We met up at 7pm outside Thaitanic, the five of us had a great spread and a lot of laughs about our recent camping trip and other shenanigans we seem to get up too, usually school related as four out of the five us work at the same school.

Side note explanation: I got a permanent job at Rooty Hill H.S where I was joined by my friend Brianna, who I hooked up with a job, then our friend Jo had done her prac at the same school and was suddenly working with us as well, and then I hooked up my good friend Jaysface with a casual job there too, hence we all work at the same school.

Anyway…so after Thaitanic, we headed to Cold Rock for some mixed ice cream styles, which resulted in frozen gummi bears to break teeth. Once Cold Rock had been devoured it was a choice between a local pub or back to the Buzz (Brianna’s house) for some chillage. We opted for the Buzz.

About an hour later we were sitting in the living room of the Buzz drawing self portraits for Brianna’s coasters (they have a spot for pictures) and little pictures/crafts for our friend Ben’s journal since he is overseas.

All in all it was a great Saturday night, I have been alerted by my partner though, that it is cute? Which I think translates to lame because we opted for crafting at the Buzz rather than getting drunk and partying. Lame in the good way of course. Feel free to leave thoughts.