365 Day Photography Challenge- Day 21- A Time for Birthdays

Today is my partner’s mum’s birthday. I know, Oma, and Mum in one week, it’s a bit crazy. I guess that’s how my parents always felt with my brother and I only 5 days apart (4 years and 5 days). She didn’t actually turn 25, as I’m sure you’ve guessed, but when I was buying the cake I forgot to buy candles, and these ones were left over from my birthday last year. She thought it was funny, at least.

Along with presents and cake, we also are having sushi for dinner in honour of her turning 50 something. She is a lovely woman, and has been extremely supportive for me over the last year. She deserves an over-priced White Chocolate Cheesecake and Sushi.



365 Day Photography Challenge- Day 15- 90 and up


Today was Oma’s 90th birthday. Oma is my partner’s grandmother (Oma is dutch for grandma). Oma is probably the funniest 90 year old I’ve ever met. She has some incredible stories about when she came here from Holland on a boat with her two very young children. Times during World War II when she had to carry her identification card to prove she wasn’t Jewish. Really unbelievable stuff. Oma is a fountain of knowledge and humour and I am always happy to have a chat or listen to her stories.

The day was spent with extended family, and even though Oma is half deaf and could barely take part in conversation, she seemed at peace. She loves this balloon that came with a delivery of flowers for her and I think just didn’t want too much fuss made about her. Typical Oma style.

Big Happy Birthday to Oma! 90 is an accomplishment!