And this is exactly why I think people are crazy

So I was driving home from Sutherland today and a lady in a van cut inbetween my car and the car in front of me just before the m7 exit off the m5. Now there was definitely not enough room for her to fit but obviously she needed to get off the m5 and decided my life wasn’t worth her missing the exit. In reaction to this huge vehicle cutting me off I beeped my horn and her arm went up in what I thought was a sorry/thankyou. All well and good it is done now lets move on.


As we went our different ways down the exit ramp she wound down her window and screamed a line of profanities at me. I was thinking, man people are crazy but ok she is pissed off because apparently it is my fault I was driving on the road.

Then it gets worse. As I keep driving away from her I notice in the back there are at least four children ranging in age from 5-14. Good example mum…who is to blame when your kids turn out to be raging bogans like yourself?

Lesson here, don’t be a dickhead, especially in front of kids, other peoples and especially yours.