365 Day Photography Challenge- Day 24- Driving My Life Away

Having a partner that lives an hour away has many downfalls. It is a plus when I need to get away and it’s nice to do different things, but the driving kills me sometimes.

Unfortunately due to illness, I am the one who must travel most of the time and that means that I see this all too often. Sometimes I feel like I spend my life driving to and from my home, especially during the school term. These last few weeks of holidays have meant more trips as I have more work to do from home, and tutoring to attend.

Ah well, until we move out, it will continue to be my life. Some things are worth the trip.


365 Day Photography Challenge- Day 23- A Good Routine

Rambo and I have started to get into a good routine of running every day. It’s been two weeks now and we’ve done 13 runs. Our routine consists of me returning home from my partner’s house, having lunch, doing some school work, going for our run, doing more school work, cooking dinner, doing more school work (and watching the tennis) and then back to my partner’s house.

Routines help me to manage my anxiety so I have been feeling quite good lately. Knowing that I have to go back to school on Friday has really motivated me to get these units done so my start to the year is as stress free as possible and also it means I’ll have more time to continue my running. This was taken of Rambo while he was recovering this afternoon. Rambo did 5kms today, I did 6.5, I tried to get Rambo to go further but he pulled and pulled on the leash until I let him turn back and dropped him off. He’s getting there though, he use to get tired after 2kms. It’s good to know I’m helping him get back to his fit little self too.

How is your routine going?

365 Day Photography Challenge- Day 22- 5kms

Today was a good day. My longest workout yet. 5kms. It was a beautiful day to be doing it and even though it is warm, there is an amazing breeze which hit Rambo and I just as we were on the track home. Rambo is dying right now from exhaustion but I feel good and proud. I am very lucky to have the area I do right near my house to run and exercise.

You can sort of see a guy flying a kite in the distance. Just after I took this photo I ran into a grandmother and her granddaughter who was tiny! She came stumbling over to Rambo who obediently lay down for her to pat him. It was a nice run and Rambo will sleep well tonight.

Just taking a break from school work. Back to it!

365 Day Photography Challenge- Day 21- A Time for Birthdays

Today is my partner’s mum’s birthday. I know, Oma, and Mum in one week, it’s a bit crazy. I guess that’s how my parents always felt with my brother and I only 5 days apart (4 years and 5 days). She didn’t actually turn 25, as I’m sure you’ve guessed, but when I was buying the cake I forgot to buy candles, and these ones were left over from my birthday last year. She thought it was funny, at least.

Along with presents and cake, we also are having sushi for dinner in honour of her turning 50 something. She is a lovely woman, and has been extremely supportive for me over the last year. She deserves an over-priced White Chocolate Cheesecake and Sushi.


365 Day Photography Challenge- Day 20- Back into the Swing

So I finally got around to doing some school work. I went into school, but just couldn’t concentrated, so I cleaned my desk, grabbed what I needed and bailed. I went home to start writing some units for this term. I think it was a productive day. The photo is of some of my unit folders. You can see how often the Area of Study-Belonging one has been moved, carried around, or just generally used. Year 12 advanced, they are a lot of work. I started writing the unit for my year 7 class and know where I’m going with that so I’m on track. I plan on having all my term 1 units written by the time I go back next Friday. Is it doable? Yes.
I also did my longest run yesterday. And got a haircut.
All in all it was a productive day.

365 Day Photography Challenge- Day 19- My Loyal Pup

Today was a low key day. I went to tutoring. I enjoy tutoring sometimes. Mostly when in the holidays because it’s a bit much when you teach all day then head to one-on-one teaching.

I came home by 5:30pm and took Rambo for a run. He is a loyal pup. He sits at my feet or on my lap or on the arm of the lounge I sit in whenever I am home. He really just loves being near people. He does get me thinking though, I am moving out of home in June this year and I am yet to tell my dad. The worst part is that I have to tell him I’m taking Rambo with me. He seems to think I won’t be, or that he can keep him, when he is in fact my dog. He needs to be walked every day and Dad can’t/won’t do that. I was always going to take him with me when I move out, but it is tough taking him away from Dad. I guess I will have to tell him eventually. Wish me luck.

365 Day Photography Challenge- Day 18- Not one for the ages

I got stung by a wasp today. That’s right, I was going for my daily run and out came a pack of wasps to sting me in the side of the head. Awesome. It hurts to say the least.

I spent the morning helping my partner clean, not my favourite thing to do. I then went to the shops where I undoubtedly always run into kids from school and there they were. It’s like one minute you’re happily looking at the fry pans, the next minute the dreaded “Miss Haigh! It’s Miss Haigh! Hi Miss Hi!” where my response is always to smile politely and say “Hey guys, how you going?” Then need to suddenly walk in the other direction. Ah the woes of being a teacher.

Today’s picture is of a panel in my front door as the sun was coming down on this not so great day. Still haven’t completed any school work, said I’d go in tomorrow, not going too. Next week I will, need to clean my desk. Must.

Hope all is right with your world.

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