365 Day Photography Challenge- Day 23- A Good Routine

Rambo and I have started to get into a good routine of running every day. It’s been two weeks now and we’ve done 13 runs. Our routine consists of me returning home from my partner’s house, having lunch, doing some school work, going for our run, doing more school work, cooking dinner, doing more school work (and watching the tennis) and then back to my partner’s house.

Routines help me to manage my anxiety so I have been feeling quite good lately. Knowing that I have to go back to school on Friday has really motivated me to get these units done so my start to the year is as stress free as possible and also it means I’ll have more time to continue my running. This was taken of Rambo while he was recovering this afternoon. Rambo did 5kms today, I did 6.5, I tried to get Rambo to go further but he pulled and pulled on the leash until I let him turn back and dropped him off. He’s getting there though, he use to get tired after 2kms. It’s good to know I’m helping him get back to his fit little self too.

How is your routine going?


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