365 Day Photography Challenge- Day 18- Not one for the ages

I got stung by a wasp today. That’s right, I was going for my daily run and out came a pack of wasps to sting me in the side of the head. Awesome. It hurts to say the least.

I spent the morning helping my partner clean, not my favourite thing to do. I then went to the shops where I undoubtedly always run into kids from school and there they were. It’s like one minute you’re happily looking at the fry pans, the next minute the dreaded “Miss Haigh! It’s Miss Haigh! Hi Miss Hi!” where my response is always to smile politely and say “Hey guys, how you going?” Then need to suddenly walk in the other direction. Ah the woes of being a teacher.

Today’s picture is of a panel in my front door as the sun was coming down on this not so great day. Still haven’t completed any school work, said I’d go in tomorrow, not going too. Next week I will, need to clean my desk. Must.

Hope all is right with your world.


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