365 Day Photography Challenge- Day 17- The Zoo

Today Jayson and I went on our photographers exhibition to Taronga Zoo in Sydney. Many a photo was taken. Jayson really likes animals and animal documentaries and would love to be a wildlife photographer some day. I’m more into people photography, portraiture, but I took a bunch of photos today anyway.

It was particularly hard to choose today’s favourite, but there it is, a meerkat. One of my favourite animals, Meerkats never cease to amaze me. This guy, just having a chill out on his belly.

The Zoo was quite packed today and we were roastin’, it was up around the 30 degree mark, but it was a great day, I had a blast. It was nice to get out there, take photos and forget that I have to go back to teaching in less than two weeks and I still haven’t finished all the work I have to do before going back.

Today was a day of fun and distraction. Tomorrow I’ll work, I’ll have too, surely.

I’ll do another post later on with some of my other favourite photos from today.


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