It’s been a long time, I shouldn’t have left you.

There’s been a lot going on lately. In the past weeks which I have been absent from this here blog I have done many many things. I have been to a halloween party, two exhibitions and partied the weekend away in the city. Let’s start at the beginning.

I went to a halloween party at my friend Lynne’s house, she’s from Chicago. I posted about Halloween last time and said I would show you a photo of my Lisa Left Eye Lopes costume. Here it is:

It was a success, however, in the process of what I think was everyone trying to be original with their costumes, there ended up being four Left Eyes. FOUR! You’d think there’d be a lot of Michael Jackson’s, Amy Winehouses, but nope, Left Eye it was. Luckily amongst the four Left Eye’s, there was one from each TLC era, so that was a plus!

Next event was a trip to the city, the Opera House to be exact. I think we forget how incredible it is that we live in this city where there are these amazing monuments that people travel across the world to see, I think a lot of the time we take it for granted. I was amazed just standing in front of these monuments, like the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House, knowing that I’m no more than 60 minutes away from these incredible spectacles. It was a great day. Went to see the Sony World Photography Exhibition at the Opera House. It was a beautiful day in the city, and we went through the Botanical Gardens too. Here are some photos to help you feel as if you were there:


Last weekend an awesome group of friends and I went to the Outpost Exhibition on Cockatoo Island in Sydney (another great spot we have in our very own city). Outpost Exhibition is a street art exhibition that showcases some amazing different styles of street art from installations to paste ups to t-shirts. Outpost contained works by some of the greats like Anthony Lister, Beastman, Banksy, Ben Frost and Phibs. It was an amazing day on the island, wandering around surrounded by incredible work everywhere you look and just having hilarious times with great friends. I couldn’t have asked for a better day.

Finally, this weekend I went to two events in the city. One was my friend Mel’s birthday dinner, which was in Parramatta, but we ended up in the city. Big Happy Birthday to Mel, fantastic person, one of my favourites. The second event was my friend Mark, his band played a gig at the Lansdowne in Sydney. His band is called Monster Gale who have a bit of a Beastie Boys sound, but also have some pretty Faith No More sounds at times. It’s a great show, and they are all awesome musicians. Put together this image while they were playing for Mark.

Mark is the singer and also an Art teacher at the school I teach at. Click the link above and check them out, you can vote for them on Triple J Unearthed.

Well kids, hope your life has been as busy and awesome as mine lately. Drop me a comment and let me know what’s up.


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