Old Friends, New Friends and Good Days

It’s been a long time since I’ve had a truly good day, but today was one of those days.

Year 12 sat Paper One of their HSC English exam today and man was I nervous. Not only that but I also thought I would be finding out whether I got the Year Advisor position I interviewed for the day before, so all round it began as a pretty anxious day for me.

I got to school to find out that I did get the position. Which is great, but I also am aware of friends who applied for the same position and weren’t successful, so it’s a double edged sword in many ways. I almost feel like it’s good to know I could get the position, but now comes the piles of work for very little extra pay and very little extra time off. I’m excited to take on the role though, I’ve always wanted to be involved in the welfare of the students, and I have always aimed to take that road in my career so I’m thankful for the opportunity.

10 minutes later and I’m with year 12 discussing their feelings and preparations before they enter the hall to sit their exam. The atmosphere was adrenalin filled and anxious, but the kids seemed to feel quite good about going in and getting into it. On the other side, we see the exam paper and it’s all about Belonging to Place, which if you’re not an English teacher won’t mean anything to you, but to us, it means some students would’ve struggled and some texts didn’t fit the question as well as others. On the whole the consensus was that it was ok, not as bad as they were expecting, but still a challenge which is not too bad considering some of the HSC papers from the past.

The rest of the day consisted of teaching two of my excellent classes, Yr 8 and Yr 9, and hanging with some of my great friends at school for lots of laughs. Tonight I will be catching up with an old friend from a past school and I can’t wait.

It’s days like these that make me feel like my life, at some point, might return to normal after the shocking year I’ve had. It’s days like these that I will always be thankful for. Normal days in my life where I feel like I might be ok.


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