Lack of Sleep= Lack of Posts

Hey friends.

So sorry for the lack of posting, I seem to say that every time I post. Maybe we should just all accept that I’m going to be one of those intermittent posters. Anyway, I’ve been posting for Bonnie on her blog every Sunday, my section is called Sunday Sessions and I write about teaching different novels at school. My posts have been fairly well received so it would seem so if you wish to check them out head on over to Bookish Ardour and check out the rest of her blog too…it’s tres cool.

Sooo back to school yesterday. Did a 12.5 hour day! Woohoo! And who says teachers work 9-3? Seriously if you say that I’ll punch you. Yep 12.5 hours of which I think I only got paid for around the 7 hour mark. Oh the life. I tell you, being a teacher is living it up! Today was the first day back of classes and I hate to say it, but I missed those little crazy kids. They were all just so happy to be crapping on at me about their holidays it was hard to resent them for making me get up at 6am and drag my ass into school.

It’s going to be a long week but I have an excursion on Friday to see a play called Bassett which is apparently pretty damn good. I shall write a informal review for you once I have seen it and asked year 11 how they found it.

Not much else to report from the bunker. I rewatched season one of Community in the holidays with Bonnie, if you have not seen it, you must! Here is a little clip to get you hooked…

So hilarious, a definite must watch.

Hope you’re all enjoying your lives.


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