So I think I updated twice then stopped for a really long time. I get like that you know, sometimes needing to write or wanting to write all the time, other times I really cannot get anything out. I’ve been busy too, being a high school teacher I have very busy periods in my life.

Today was my last English lesson with my year 12s before they go off into the world to be real people. I’m going to miss them and I know a lot of teachers say that but I really am. They’re good people and they have good hearts. Some favourite moments:

  • When Jarod decided to strike a different pose every time I turned my back to write on the board. The last time I turned my back he was up on the window ledge with his hand behind his head and his lips pouting.
  • Oceania dragging a year 9 student over to me when I was on playground duty because the year 9 student had walked away when I asked him to come here. Oceania was holding him by the shoulder and towering over him saying “Do you know who this is? When Miss tells you to come, you come! Do not disrespect Miss like that!” then aside to me “Don’t worry Miss, I got your back.”
  • The HSC performance night when my kids did their music performances and were amazing.
  • Every zero period when they came in late and begged for forgiveness while grabbing the food I supplied for them.

It’s a great feeling being able to be a part of someone’s life like that. I watch them grow, and guide them through a very testing time in their young lives. It’s a big part of why I became a teacher. These kids mean the world to me and come Friday when they graduate, I will be so proud to see them walk down in their gowns, knowing they made it.

There is a lot of times when you question yourself as a teacher and wonder why you even bother when the kids are so disrespectful and so ungrateful, but watching your class graduate from high school, walk down the stairs with their diplomas and hug you, thanking you for everything you’ve done for them definitely reminds you why you deal with all the other crap.


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